Customer Engagement with Intelligent CRM-365


Customer Engagement with an Intelligent CRM-365

A Intelligent CRM is an integrated set of digital applications that a retailer uses to operate their business.

Intelligent CRM typically includes Customer Data Platform (CDP), Customer Engagement (CEP), Customer Service Platform (CSP), Customer Loyalty (LMS) along with Data-Driven Insights along with Reporting and data-driven Dashboard applications.

Using an engagement process with data driven insights can lead to a “stickier” relationship with customers and converts an occasional shopper into one that is more more likely to buy.

An Integrated CRM can track and report on the entire lifecycle of a customer in one system. That means from the time a potential customer has shown any interest in any of your marketing channels to the time they first buy.

Some retailers may try to operate an Intelligent CRM by putting together various pieces from different from several software systems but this does not help your business. Group Fio Intelligent CRM provides all these features in one platform that lets you increase revenue while at the same time lower overhead.